Please read this form carefully. Fill out and return completed application  to:

            Co-ART Gallery, Inc.

            22 W. Beverley St.

            Staunton, VA 24401 




·         4 to 6 examples of your most recent art work (please submit original art rather than photographs)

·         Application Fee:  check or money order for $20 made out to Co-ART Gallery, Inc.


The Standards Committee will review your work, and, if accepted, you will be notified immediately.  

(If a gallery space is not available at the time of acceptance, you will be placed on a waiting list; when a space becomes available, you will be contacted.) 


Please feel free to continue your answers on another sheet of paper, or you may submit a formal résumé.

For any questions concerning this application, contact the Gallery at the above number; we are open 10-5, Tuesday-Saturday, and additionally until 8 p.m. on Friday.


If you then choose to join Co-ART, you will then sign a contract (sample follows) and will be required to pay:

                  $75   initiation fee       

                  $30   first month’s rent

                $105   TOTAL

         Artist’s Name: (print)      _____________________________________________

                            Address:      _____________________________________________


                               Phone:      _____________________________________________

                               E-mail:      _____________________________________________

    Date of this Application:      __________________________

What type(s) of art would you show at the gallery? (sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, photography, … ?)



What type of art are you submitting for this application? ___________________________________________

What schools did you attend (after high school)? __________________________________________________


What is your experience regarding exhibitions? ___________________________________________________