Stanley Abbot
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      Stanley J. Abbot

I try to capture what is right there to see.

Sometimes the situation is small,

sometimes transient,

but usually just common.

How I Got Here

At about the age of seven, I bought my first camera and loved it. When I first saw a print appear in the developer at about ten, I was hooked. In high school as editor of the yearbook, I also produced many of the photographs.

Though I started college in electrical engineering, my interest in photography continued and thus, when I realized that I really did not want to be an engineer, the logical direction was photography.

While studying at the Institute of Design in Chicago under Aaron Siskind and Arthur Siegel, I worked for IBM part-time and got involved with the world of computers … so that’s the job route I took. As it turned out, the training in design and systematic thinking proved totally valuable in that world.

Following an early retirement and a move to Virginia, I have resumed a more serious pursuit of photography.


B.S. (Photography), Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

M.S. (Computer Science), Boston University


Family Resource Counseling Center, Los Angeles

Co-ART Gallery, Staunton, VA

R.R. Smith Center Store, Staunton, VA

Bath County Art Show, Hot Springs, VA