Julie Farrell
Artist Web Site:   www.juliefarrellartist.com
Artist Bio 
This summer I have been concentrating on doing small, quick, plein air paintings mostly of Staunton, but really where ever I find myself to be. This has proved to be really good practice for me, though I must admit that I have not yet completed a 12x12 painting in one sitting. However, hope springs eternal, and I continue to try to do it.

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and have pretty much painted ever since except for a few years when we moved around a lot and when my children were little. I became a founding member of the CoArt Gallery when it was begun in 1999, and that, and Beverley St. Studio School, have formed a framework of my life over all the years since then.

My natural instinct is to paint with reference to color and to heck with value; but I know that a painting is better if value is truly felt and taken into account, and so I continue to wrestle with including it consciously into my painting vocabulary.

I absolutely love the feel and texture of paint, especially oil paints, and I never grow tired of mixing color and putting it onto the canvas. I don't much like to mix large batches of color, and, instead, prefer to constantly mix and paint - add a little of this and a little of that - and keep playing with it until I end up with the aura of the color I am looking for. I suppose that if I could just paint in auras, I would, but not having discovered the trick of such a thing yet, I just keep on playing.

Anyway, if people who see my paintings find half the enjoyment in looking at them, as I do in painting them I shall consider myself lucky.

I am a member of the CoArt Gallery and of the Beverley St. Studio School and I enter shows when the opportunity arises. I have won several awards over the years, and have paintings in a goodly number of private collections, and in several public institutions in Virginia.