Paula Hurley
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Paula Hurley   Waynesboro, VA    (540) 943-6159

Paula was raised in Michigan and involved in learning art throughout secondary and college education. Her college degree from Western Michigan University enabled her to teach art in public schools. In addition to conducting workshops involving children and adults, she has participated in art shows and received awards for her work in watercolor, oils and papercutting.

She is a member of Shenandoah Valley Art Center, The Paletteers, and is actively enrolled in Beverly Street Studio School in Staunton, Virginia. She continues to take art classes and workshops that inspire her growth as an artist.

Although she paints many different subjects, she feels an artistic obligation to capture the beauty of landscapes and cityscapes that make a visual record for the future of an ever changing present. Painting on location is her way of stopping the shutter of time for an instant and preserving a special memory that will be shared with someone in the future. She seeks to evoke an emotional response between viewer and painting, causing the viewer to pause and take time to appreciate the moments that were captured by the artist. Unlike photographs that record life exactly as the camera sees, she hopes her work conveys a sentimental connection through light, shadows, and colors that make her art more personal and intuitive.