Astrid Tuttle
Artist Web Site:
I' ve always enjoyed drawing and painting.  But I wasn't able to really concentrate on art until
I retired.  
For the past few years my focus has has been on the beautiful landscapes in the Shenandoah Valley.   I feel fortunate to live where there are so many beautiful farms, pastures and mountains, challenging me to paint.  Recently, I have been working on a series from North Mountain.  We have a log cabin in the woods on Rt. 42.  The woods have inspired me to capture not only what I see, but more important to me, what I feel.  Sometimes it is the warmth of the light as it flicks through the trees, other times it is the dark shapes against a clear blue sky. 

I graduated from Mary Baldwin College in 1993. Since then I have enhanced my art education with many art workshops and art classes at Blue Ridge Community College, the University of Virginia, and Beverley Street Studio School.