Interested in Becoming a CoArt Member?

CoArt Gallery accepts applications on an ongoing basis. Interested artists may submit examples of work with the application form and fee to be considered for membership. Acceptance is competitive and is based on quality of work and availability of space.

Member artists are responsible for member dues and working in the gallery each month.

To receive more information and request application materials contact the gallery at 540-886-0737.

What are my responsibilities as a member?

As a member of CoArt Gallery you will have one wall space where you will display your artwork. You are encouraged to change your artwork periodically.

Each member pays a monthly rental fee for the wall space.

Each member must work two (2) sessions, 3 1/2 hour each, every month at the Gallery. These sessions allow the artist to greet the public, make sales, and do other routine maintenance duties.

What percent of a sale goes to the Gallery?

Art work sold at CoArt requires the member to pay a 20% commission to the Gallery. A 10% referral fee is due from a member if a specific piece of that artist's work sells outside of CoArt but is a direct result of having been displayed and promoted at the Gallery.

What is the "Featured Artist"?

Each month a different artist has the opportunity to display at the front of the Gallery.

This wall space is very large, and an artist may display a complete body of work. An article about the artist is submitted to the local newspaper. The featured artist can have a opening reception and invite his/her own guests.

Application Form